Sven Musica – Sven is a lover of nature and anything outdoors. He believes in protecting wild landscapes by showcasing how pristine these enviroments really are. Sven mostly contributes to landscapes , streetscapes and cityscapes. He is also our main video guru. Being a professional photographer for over 14 years he’s got experience across a broad spectrum of content capturing.

Karen Musica – Karen focuses on the artistic side of things. With a background in Graphic Design, Karen is all about art and anything creative. She contributes to Home Collection, Cityscapes and Studio Work. Through her work you can see she has a real passion for the craft she’s been practising for the past 13 years. Karen has an eye for capturing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

Arlo Van Heerden – Arlo assists Sven and Karen during photo shoots. Be it carrying lights or polyboards. His passions includes nature and mountains. He is also responsible for the website and writing creative content. Currently he steals the camera every now and again to improve his photography an videography skills.


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