Kaapsehoop Marathon

Written and Photographed by Sven Musica

The Uniwisp 3-in-1 Kaapsehoop Marathon, The Marathon that each athlete has the highest chance of smashing their PB….    … On Paper!!


And so marks the end of another Kaapsehoop marathon, in all its beauty and glory. A 3Am wakeup call for most athletes and its off to the busses, the road kind, not the pacing kind. Being a Comrades seeding qualifier, its that almost 1000m of descent over the route that gets the ears twitching and the eyes flickering when choosing your seeding race, with that much drop in altitude, surely you could smash a PB. Well downhill running on tar can be a little….. Hard!


Being Bussed up to the start is done super efficiently, imagine the chaos of catching lifts.

So the start to the marathon, thats the 42.2km for those that might be interested in starting out their running career, Happens in the tiny town of Kaapsehoop, or Kaapschehoop or Kaapshehoop, you choose, you won’t be wrong. No, its not in the cape, sorry people, for this one you will need to travel to Nelspruit/Mpumalanga. It is set among beautiful rocky outcrops that give it a near cape atmosphere.

Pre race, its the same old same old marathon, some chatting here, some nerves there (some might stand in the Q for a Loo, but damn those bushes or Low up there). The Race started Off with some motivation From Warrior Rick (good guy that) and a 1 minute of silence for Johanica Orton, a local LVCC athlete that was tragically Killed in a Hit and Run incident on her training run last week, few words can describe how saddened and angered i was at the same time. With some of the Club mates running in memory of her wearing purple Balloons and ribbons.

A delayed start due to Some traffic, 10 minutes for a Photographer feels like a short wait, for a runner tackling a marathon, eish, thats a long time to wait with your hand holding the start button of your GPS watch

Running with horse, one year that was a marketing mention, well it was pretty cool to actual see it unfold before the athletes head onto the dreaded Berlin road climb.

The rabbits once again come flying through at course record pace, its downhill, what could possibly go wrong.

This race is just so beautiful…. i would like to explain, but i would rather just show you…

Im Not going to Lie, I’m an undercover Roadie, i love to run a good pace, run fast, Run hard, at times i would just prefer a better fitness base with some more dedication to training, but life happens and although i would very often choose to run this race, shooting it actually made me appreciate it more.

As the runners move Past the 21km mark, the quads start their nonsense, running downhill is mos lekker, but damn, what happens once you hit your first flat section of this race is demotivating, that blistering Pace becomes very difficult to hold.

As the athletes begin to get nearer to Nelspruit, the introduction to a few climbs come into play. Those that were patient early on begin to reap the reward, the rest are reduced to a limp and a walk

The beauty of the Kaapsehoop Marathon is that its a race for everyone, fast, not so fast, and with it comes the other forms of road users. its not everyday you get a shot of Gift Kelehe racing a lady in a TuTu.

So if you made it down to the bottom of this page and are reading this, it could be due to one of 2 things, you either Have uncapped data, or you enjoyed viewing this image story. Either which way, its my representation to my passion for the sport as well as our surrounding lowveld landscape. Thanks for taking the time to read and view, leave a comment if you keen.  For any more stories and running related content, you can follow Terra Motion on facebook or any Photography related content, head over to Phonix capture’s, FB , either way.

To the athletes, enjoy soaking your bones in your Granny’s secret concoction, wear your monday wobble in the office proud!!


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